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List of Microsoft RMS Add-ins

The following add-ons are being developed and supplied by Dynamics RMS Partners World wide. This may not be the a full list because every day more new add-ins come out. If you are aware of any good RMS Add-in that is not listed here, please let us know at info@rmsexperts.com and we will be glad to post a link to the vendor's web site.

(Please note that we just list some of the known RMS add-ons here; RMS Experts does not sell these add-ons nor provides price information, though some of the demo versions of the add-ons may be found in the download section of this Web site.  For your convenience each listed add-on contains a link to the vendor's Web site so you can contact them directly).

  • Q-Rewards (a.k.a. AQRMS) for Microsoft RMS by Retail Hero. Allows rewarding loyal customers who continuously buy in the same families of the products. Ideal for "Buy X Get Y For Z - Over Time" program for Pet Food Stores and many other retail verticals. Replaces customer cards, stamps etc.
  • Hero Points (tm) for Microsoft RMS implements simple but effective program that is based on "dollar value" the customer spends at the store and automates the process of rewarding the buyer through discounts according to customizable schedule. 
  • nChannel uses the cloud to connect and sync data from your retail systems, creating a bridge to give you the ability to manage items, orders, inventory and customer information. We work with a number of systems including Microsoft Dynamics RMS and soon Great Plains (GP). (List of Connectors). Using nChannel customers can connect their eCommerce and accounting solutions to Microsoft Dynamics RMS. nChannel’s centralized, web-based model enables retailers to gain efficiencies by reducing data entry required to maintain multiple sales channels, and improve sales and inventory visibility.Here's a short video overview of our product: nChannel Explained.
  • Gift Registry The most advanced Gift Registry available today for Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). Developed by input from existing RMS customers, The Gift Registry provides a complete end-to-end solution for Retailers ready to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a Gift Registry that rivals even the largest of retail chains. 
  • The SmartPayments RMS Plug-in works in conjunction with the Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) already in use at your store. The SmartPayments RMS Plug-in adds several new features and capabilities to RMS, while maintaining the easy-to-use interface and basic functions that RMS already provides. With the SmartPayments RMS Plug-in installed, you will now be able to use electronic check services, accept EBT (government) cards, process Debit cards using customer-facing pin pad hardware, and issue and accept store gift cards all from within RMS, as well as accepting cash, credit cards, etc. as before.
  • RMS Mobile POS Suite The complete mobile POS software solution suite. Includes Mobile POS and all the software of Mobile Suite 4.
  • RMS Mobile Suite 4 A mobile software solution suite. Includes Mobile Physical Inventory Count, Mobile Purchase Order, Mobile Work Order, Mobile Transfer, Mobile Label Printing, and Mobile Item Manager.
  • RMS Mobile POS Process customer cash and credit card transactions through your wireless handheld device. Full mobile functionality for complete customer check-out experience from ringing up the sale, signature capture, and card authorization through receipt printing. The perfect solution for line busting or tent sales.
  • RMS Mobile Inventory Count  Perform physical inventory counts with wireless handheld devices that scan and update your inventory records in real time or offline batch mode. No need to close shop for inventory counts ever again.
  • RMS Mobile Purchase Order Create and receive purchase orders on your handheld device in real time. Wirelessly transmit updated orders to your central office for accurate recordkeeping. An excellent solution for convention orders and traveling sales reps. Print store item labels from the receiving purchase order for expedited inventory management.
  • RMS Mobile Work Order  Improve customer satisfaction and decrease paperwork with real time quotes, work orders, and layaways from your handheld device. Broadcast information wirelessly from the sales floor for accurate, efficient sales management. Print barcode tickets for instant transaction retrieval and expedited customer check-out.
  • RMS Mobile Transfer  Manage inter-store inventory transfers using wireless mobility. Create and receive transfer orders for easy record recall and a less laborious shipping/receiving process.
  • RMS Mobile Label Printing Utilizes wireless handheld technology to broadcast print jobs or RMS labels to any printer, wireless or cabled, on the network.
  • RMS Mobile Item Manager Inventory Management from the palm of your hand! Scan, create, edit, and manage your RMS item database with mobility.
  • RMS Auto Restock Stock level forecasting based on projected sales and supplier replenishment lead times. Gereate resupply purchase orders by supplier and track the status through RMS. Track sales histories with custom graphs to understand inventory trends.
  • RMS Card Vault  Capture credit card number, expiration dates, and verification numbers with security and regulatory compliance. Easy recall or reprocessing for when batch settling fails.
  • RMS People PoP Connects with internet databases to search for a customer's information based on phone number. Creates a new customer record in the database based on its findings and associates the pending sale with the new customer record. Helps to speed up POS entry and streamline the check-out process.
  • RMS Digital Signature Capture Digitally captures the customer signature and prints it on the invoice while simultaneously recording the signature for viewing in the RMS journal.
  • RMS Customer Capture Create or update records by searching the public databases for information associated with the customer's phone number. Auto-Populate customer fields to speed customer detail entry. Sync the information across all store locations for accurate record keeping.
  • RMS Mix & Match Mix and Match allows the creation of flexible discounting schemes beyond existing RMS capabilities. Create broad product categories to allow for special price promotions by category or department.
  • RMS POS Dashboard POS Dashboard is a real time status screen which reports the last five transactions sold, on hand quantities, customer purchase history, and daily profit records from the previous year. Visual reporting on the information you need without clicking through various menus.
  • RMS HQ Cashier Edit HQ Cashier Edit expands upon the existing RMS software to allow the management of cashiers and store addresses at the Headquarter level. Add, edit, and remove cashiers and their permissions from your Headquarters and have the changes take effect at the individual store locations.
  • RMS Global Customer Edit Global Customer Edit expands upon existing global customer management at the Headquarters level by allowing POS terminals to edit existing customer information. These updates are distributed throughout all stores, continually allowing the most current global customer information to be accessed at all locations.
  • RMS Global Gift Card A free software offereing through Valutec gift card provider, Global Gift Card allows a single gift card to be used at any store location. This improved functionality increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, while promoting sales.
  • RMS Web Integrator: Standard Seamlessly combines internet orders and clients with your existing RMS database. Automatically creates invoice, shipping/billing informations, and tendered payment. Increases the ease of use with multiple eCommerce packages and streamlines virtual operations.
  • RMS Web Integrator: Professional Increases the functionality of Web Integrator: Standard by allowing two way communication between the existing RMS database and the internet. Web Integrator: Professional Edition syncs product descriptions, pictures, and inventory count to allow complete automation of eCommerce storefront operations. May require back end programming to interface correctly with your particular shopping cart system.
  • RMS Web Integrator: Storefront.Net The complete package solution for eCommerce and RMS compatability. Includes all the functionality of Web Integrator: Professional optimized to work with StoreFront.net's shopping cart system.
  • RMS Web Integrator: X-Cart by Kosmos Web Integrator: X-Cart by Kosmos minimizes the configuration needed for Web Integrator: Professional to work on the X-Cart eCommerce system. Specifically designed for X-Cart application, Web Integrator: X-Cart by Kosmos makes keeping updated with your internet orders easy.
  • RMS Web Integrator: RMScart This new release offers divers functionality for either Web Integrator: Standard or Web Integrator: Professional. A one-stop complete packaged solution, Web Integrator: RMScart offers hosting, free technical support, free setup, and free training for eCommerce merchants who want a very easy, search engine friendly solution. LAN Services utilizes their own brand of shopping cart system, so shopping cart customizations are easily produced.
  • RMS Loss Prevention A robust utility that prevents negative quantity or duplicate item returns, refunds over the original purchase price, and refunds to a different credit card. Creates warning messages to remind cashiers to empty over limit till drawers. Locks the terminal screen during inactivity time periods. Gives control back to business owners who have issues with internal loss.
  • IVideo Module for RMS (Video Rental solution)
  • Matrix Plus by RMSStore
  • Salon Appointment Module by POS Unlimited
  • Matrix Master by Digital Retailer 
  • Video Rental add-in
  • ShipRush for UPS RMS add-on by Z-Firm
  • Mobile Inventory add-in for RMS by 2B Solutions
  • MPI-Jeweler™ add-on for RMS is a complete jewelry retail management system for point of sale, inventory, customer management, products, images, appraisals, work order tracking and more.
  • XReports add-in for RMS connects to your retail database and extracts real time sales, inventory, tender, and other transaction data and inserts into an Excel spreadsheet.  An add-in to Excel that allows the user to select from over 60 functions to pull in specific data into each cell of the spreadsheet.  The functions have multiple filters such as date, store, dept, cat, and other key information so you can create highly customized reports.
  • Exclusive Bicycle Bundle add-in for RMS Store Operations 
  • Electronic Retail Software has added many customized features tailored towards the Consumer Electronics and Retail market to further enhance Microsoft Retail Management System.
  • RMS Add-on Customer Loyalty Program- RMS add-in is completely integrated with Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS).
  • Givex provides Gift Card and loyalty solutions that are now available as add-on for  Microsoft Retail Management System.
  • rmsWebLinX  add-on RMS Web Stores
  • RMS-Integrated Shipping add-in
  • RMS / Next POS add-in interface for Restaurant
  • Coupons and Rewards Program (Loyalty Program) This application creates a points, or rewards program within RMS to accumulate redeemable points each time a purchase is made. Please be advised that this is an overview and this application may be modified to meet a stores specific needs.
  • Gift Registry RMS add-on
  • Bottle return RMS add-on
  • Photo Lab RMS add-in allows a client in the photo processing industry to process transactions for film development.
  • School Application RMS add-in enables to post all sales transactions from your school store or cafeteria directly to Blackbaud’s accounting system
  • Special RMS Add-ins for Outdoor Retailers 
  • Kart Management RMS add-on software for race tracks
  • SPEEDSuite GOLF RMS Add-on for Golf Club industry
  • WineClub Manager is an add-on module for Microsoft Retail Management System POS.  It adds the ability to track, maintain, process and ship an unlimited amount of wine clubs effortlessly.
  • POS Resources Wine Club RMS Add-in automates the time-consuming tasks associated with executing a Wine Club Program. Wine Club is tightly integrated with Microsoft Retail Management System Store Operations.
  • Archiving. RMS Add-in, the “Microsoft Retail Management System – Store Operations” (hereafter referred to as RMS) does not have an inbuilt method for taking out data from the existing database, compacting and reducing the size of the active database whilst keeping an archive of the old data for reporting and audit purposes. This Retail Realm utility was developed to address this shortcoming.
  • Customer Price Matrix  RMS add-in in certain wholesale operations the customers negotiate certain special rates for items. RMS currently supports only 4 standard prices per item (regular, A, B, and C). This special program is designed to extend the price of the item and allow every customer to have a special price if required. The price can be defined by Customer Accounts type, Department, Category or for each customer per item..
  • Fashion Bundle add-on for Microsoft RMS. Item Creation Utility to allow items with logical Item Lookup Code to be created. The code will be based on dept, category, sub1, sub2, sub3, etc... logic
  • Gift / Loyalty Module add-in for Microsoft RMS. The loyalty module works only at the store level and not in a multiple store environment. This module allows the customers to be recognised for their frequent shopping. This module allows the shopper to get either a Gift Certificate or Credit on his /her account. In this definition when 400 points are collected a 20.00 value is given back to the customer...
  • ID Manager RMS Add-in. This program is to make sure that for purchase of certain items Identification is presented and certain data are collected. This targets such market sectors requiring control on who is purchasing as ...
  • Multi Location RMS Add-in. Multi Location module expands the RMS Store Database to manage multiple stock and sales location. This opens up the possibilities for a large RMS database to be used to manage: • where a large store may have various locations where stock is kept and sold from • a Warehouse environment, Furniture stores. • where multiple stores are in a logical networkable area (theme park, sport stadium, airport etc).
  • Promotion Module RMS Add-in. This program was developed to work in conjunction with “Microsoft Retail Management System” (MRMS V.1 or QuickSell Commerce version 1.07d and higher). This module allows the user to define unrelated promotion that can be both amount and % related. The promotions types can be “One to One Promotion” (Buy this get that), ...
  • Stock Take Addon for RMS. The StockTake system works in conjunction with QuickSell Commerce version 1.07 and Microsoft Retail Management System Version 1. This application allows for periodic StockTake to be taken and the store stock to be adjusted. The system allows you to define the items (or groups of items) that you want to do StockTake on...
  • Microsoft Navision Synchronization RMSync RMS Addon
  • Outdoor Bundle RMS Addon especially designed for outdoor retailers. Options include: • AutoGen • SmartPOP • DRS Linker • Fashion Bundle • Loyalty/Gift • Serial Editor • Custom reports & templates • More
  • ZZAP RMS Export: Integrate Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Store Operations) to MYOB accounting packages. It exports Sales, Customer Adjustments, Purchase Orders, Inventory Adjustments, Std Inventory Transfers In and Std Inventory Transfers Out. The user interface is very easy to use and no additional user training is required.


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